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We are glad to welcome you today at free!ndeed. You are here because a participant of our online course would like to have you as his accountability partner during his participation in the course.

Your support will make a very important contribution to the participant’s coming into his God-given freedom. Here we will tell you how to register and what to expect:


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Have you already purchased an online course with us? Then the course participant can enter your email into his profile so that you can become his accountability partner. You do not have to register again.

If you have not yet purchased a course with us, please register below as an accountability partner.

Who and what is free!ndeed ?

free!ndeed is an association that aims to free men from their dependence on pornography. Our vision is to see liberated men and women who are equipped for spiritual warfare, who fire growth in their church and become revivalists throughout Europe.

We at free!ndeed have personally experienced how Jesus freed us from years of porn consumption and want to share this freedom with others.

I want to know more about the course!

The course of free!ndeed will be read and filled out online by the participant. In each unit there is a short video, content to read in depth, Bible verses and personal questions that the participant fills out online. The course is based on biblical truths, our personal experiences and above all on the daily encounter with Jesus.

We have experienced liberation and salvation ourselves through the principles of this course, therfore our hearts are full of hope that more of our brothers may enjoy this freedom with us. The supporting element is not necessarily the theological, psychological or spiritual excellence of the thoughts we bring to this course. We are also just normal people, and we may see slight deviations in the theological thoughts of the individual lessons, as there are several people involved in them. One of the basic principles is to expose oneself daily to fellowship with God, as He reveals Himself in His Word. We are convinced that this is the starting signal for healing and liberation, but also the catalyst that keeps the process going.

The aim of the course is to take each participant a big step further into healing and liberation from their regular porn consumption, masturbation or impure thoughts. The focus is not only on the change of outward appearances, but rather on the fact that God completely changes a life deep inside. We honestly tell about our experiences, give practical tips, go deep into God’s Word and challenge the participant to radical steps.

At the end of each unit , there is a time for accountability. In this section, the participant will record how he has been since the last unit in his relationship with Jesus and his porn consumption.

This is where you come in!

The answers to the questions asked in each lesson, which also include deep experiences and desires, are summarized. A PDF will be sent not only to the participant but also to you at the end of each lesson. This PDF is password-encrypted by the participant. This password will be sent to you confidentially by the participant.

You are now one of the sources of this light that should fall on dark things to transform them into beauty!

What is the requirement profile as accountability partner?
  • You love Jesus and have a heart for the participant.
  • You are ready to pray for him daily.
  • You are ready to give the participant a short feedback after receiving the PDF summary: Encourage them to ask questions and, if necessary, express constructive criticism.

Once you have registered with free!ndeed, you will receive a confirmation email in which you have to confirm your email address. After this confirmation we will meet again and give you a more detailed overview of the course, our 5 principles of freedom and give you tips for your role as an accountability partner.

Advice from free!ndeed:

“We do NOT recommend that the course participant chooses his spouse as his accountability partner. His spouse is directly affected by his addiction and therefore needs special protection. One cause of addiction is isolation and loneliness among men. Therefore we recommend that a friend, pastor or mentor becomes his accountability partner. We encourage him to go into prayer and ask God who should be his accountability partner”.

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