Hello, you courageous hero, it's great that you have set out to reclaim your God-given sexuality and step into the light. I think there are some very important core issues in life that we inevitably have to deal with. Sexuality is one of them. But there is no victory in these core issues without the liberating effect and truth of the Word of God.

“You are truly my disciples if you remain faithful to my teachings. And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

JOHN 8:31-32

What does Jesus mean by that? What does it mean to remain in His Word?

I had a decisive, if not the most decisive breakthrough in my life through the teaching of Monika Flach. For years she has been teaching about the topic "Living with the unseen world" and the use of the Word of God in everyday life. Her radical orientation towards the Word and her simple way of uncovering our established way of thinking and leading us to repentance impressed and shaped me greatly.

She writes in her Handbook for Overcomers:

Do you need salvation from your sins, from your self-centeredness or from fear and worry? Do you need breakthroughs in your life? Then I want to call out to you: You need Jesus!

Have faith in this wonderful God to whom you can give yourself completely. Let your eyes be opened to the revolutionary power of his Word.

God knows best how you can live victoriously as a human being on this earth and has already made provision for it. Through the cross on which he punished and removed sin, a wonderful exchange took place. God gives himself to us in his fullness.

Knowing Him means life. He has hidden his life and all his riches in his Word; and the people who believe him dig in his Word until they reach all the treasures that he holds in store for those who love him and trust him.

Let yourself be invited to a new, consistent lifestyle. For: to speak out God's Word instead of your thoughts in all areas and situations of life will revolutionize your life.

Are you ready to take this step? Our nation needs men and women who are ready to passionately love and believe the Word of their God more than the visible world. Who bring him into play in every situation and therefore experience miracles. If you enter into this lifestyle, you will see that the Word of God will set you free!

It is not difficult to live victoriously. People, filled with the Holy Spirit, boldly take the Word of their God into their mouths, fill their hearts with it, then confess with all their strength what they believe in their hearts and act according to their faith.

In Luther's time, the Bible was kept away from people on the grounds that this book was the foundation of any revolution. Our problem is that we cause God's Word to collect dust on bookshelves and no longer proclaim it, let alone live from it. Instead, we let ourselves be filled with the words of this world, with the words of people who have no relationship with God. I have faith for a new release of His Word into the nations. God wants to create a people that is childlike and full of trust, as Mary says:

Mary responded, “I am the Lord’s servant. May everything you have said about me come true.”

LUKE 1:38

Everything God says in His Word - let it have an affect on you! Then you will discover the secret that it is not you who keep the word, but the Word that keeps you.

Understand, this is not about a technique, but about people like you and me who are captivated in the love of their heavenly Father; and whatever he says they take boldly and openly into their mouths. One or two Bible verses in the morning are simply not enough to make you a victorious Christian. You must give up this illusion. Your life with so little substance will not be salt or light in society - but you are destined to be salt and light! Stop thoughtlessly talking about what comes to mind and what sounds so understandable from a human perspective. Don't constantly and devoutly speak about your current state of feeling. Nothing will change as a result of this. Instead, have faith in Jesus, your Saviour! Following Him might be challenging and adventurous, but is is also the way that will lead you to joy and a fullfilled life.

"Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see."


Real faith acts according to these realities, which we do not see yet, but of which we are more convinced in spirit than of the visible things. You might say, "No ordinary man lives like this!" True, but you are no longer a ordinary person either, because you are in relationship with the Almighty God. And he lives, thinks, talks and acts in a totally different way than a human being does: That is also different from your family or your colleagues at work.

Have you ever noticed that faith is not the problem? Some Christians always moan that they cannot believe. But that is not true. You always believe something. The question is only: Who and what do you believe? What is the content of your faith? Do you believe more yourself, your friends, "common sense" or have you decided to trust only God? To be a Christian means to have made a fundamental decision: Whenever God says something other than what you have believed, experienced or experienced yourself, you put everything aside and trust in what he says and begin to put it in your mouth. Only in this way can God's reality become your reality.

Faith is not a technique. We must never separate faith from love and relationship. We do not believe everything a stranger says so quickly. But we believe those we love because we know them. And because you know and love God, you believe Him more than all visible circumstances. You believe whatever he says and are totally conviced of his truth. That is why you act on it. You know what he said about you will become who you are. His word is your only security.

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