Awaken the Warrior – Extension course to “Generation David”


Der lang erwartete erste Aufbaukurs ist da! Unser Eindruck für die Notwendigkeit eines Aufbaukurses wurde durch zahlreiche Rückmeldungen bestätigt. Der Tenor: “30 Tage sind schon gut, aber ich brauche mehr. Tiefer. Weiter. Länger.”

Dieser Kurs ist der Aufbaukurs zu Generation David und sollte erst nach Beendigung des Grundkurses angefangen werden.

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This course is the advanced course for Generation David and should only be started after completing Generation David.

In “Awaken the Warrior” we want to awaken your fighting spirit in an unusual way: As you go deeper into your true identity.   You will get training on how to think, feel and act more like a beloved son and less like an orphan who has to take care of himself. This will result in you becoming even more effective in fight for purity. You will be led deeper into ruling in his kingdom and taking responsibility for your life.

There is overflowing joy in putting on your armour, and running full of strength into battle. Your power does not come from yourself, but is from the one true source that never dries up. Your armor is the truth of God’s word. The King of Kings has promised you victory, abundance and joy.

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