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We would like to encourage couples to walk together through the courses and find freedom from addiction and healing for their hearts.  For the men who are seeking freedeom from Porn we offer the “Generation David” course.  For women who are facing the hurt of betrayral from the Porn use of their parntner we provide the “Restored Heart” course. Practical tips and a lot of biblical truths and teachings are waiting for you to help you as a couple on the path to your freedom and restoration. With this the purchase of this Coupon you will save 4,50 € per course.

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After ordering this coupon you will receive a voucher code from us, which you and your partner can use later to purchase the respective course.

This is not a course, but a voucher! You will receive the voucher immediately after your purchase. Please enter your e-mail address when you make your purchase and check it regularly. In rare cases, the e-mail with the code may end up in your spam folder. The received voucher code must be used for two separate purchases, so that two separate user accounts are created.

We wish you a lot of fun with our course on the way to freedom!

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