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This online course is written for spouses or partners who suffer from the pornography consumption of their husbands/partners. The course provides encouraging, honest video inputs for each week and questions that will take you deeper. Inka will also provide you with useful tips to help you deal with your hurt and you will get support for accompanying your husband or partner towards freedom.

Important information:

  • Your answers to the questions in the course can only be read by you – not by us.
  • If you would like, you can add a friend to your profile, who will also receive the answers as a PDF file.
  • Go through the course at your own pace, but set yourself a goal.

Is your heart open? Do you long for support in this difficult time?  Then begin your path to healing today, that Jesus has in store for you.

How the course works:
The course can be accessed from your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Participant Satisfaction:
100% of the course participants recommend the course to others. We give every user a “30 days money back” guarantee.

Hint for husband/partner:
If your husband/partner wishes to do the course “Generation David”, please place a second in order to create a separate user account. We also have a couples discount in the shop!

This course is written by Inka Hammond. Inka experienced herself how deep the injuries can go and how hard this time can be. She authentically speaks about her life and shares important steps you can take to get out of your hurt and brokenness. In addition, the course provides input from Dorothee, who explains elements of healing from a Christian counselour perspective. Together they want to help and come along side of you on your path to a restored heart.

The online course is designed in such a way that after each completed unit another unit is activated which you can then work on. You can complete the course at your own pace.

We believe that this course can really change things and will show you the path to healing.  This is what awaits you:

  • 11 weeks intensive online course.
  • Encouraging, honest input for each week.
  • Rest for your heart
  • Deep encounters with God
  • Uplifting Bible verses
  • Instructions for going deeper
  • Helpful tips that strengthen you in dealing with your pain
  • Support for accompanying your husband towards freedom

Is your heart open? Do you long for guidance in this difficult situation? Then start your path to healing today!


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