A look behind the pornography scenes: 

Let's take a look at how things are in the porn industry. Many performers don't live past the age of 50, and a large percentage don't survive past the age of 40. This is true for both men and women. We are often presented with a different image - that of earning a living, for which a person can switch off his or her feelings in order to perform "group exercises" in front of the camera in a state of undress. After that, people go home and enjoy their lives.

However, the reality is quite different: Many take drugs in order to endure such a daily routine in the first place. Sexuality is not only the physical act. It has been proven that regular visits to brothels can lead to impotence.

Why? Because sexuality without emotion and without love leaves out a great, important part: precisely how the ingenious Creator intended sexuality to be. Yes, for great joy and pleasure, but also as a holistic package: Body, mind and soul are part of it and they make us come alive as whole beings. If sexuality is limited to one of these areas and lived out outside the well thought out protective boundaries, it does more harm than good.

Professor Thomas Schirrmacher examined a book on Pornography - Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn: The Greatest Illusion on Earth by Shelley Lubben. He asked the question whether pornography changes the behavior of those affected. Yes, Professor Schirrmacher explained that people today engage in a lot of sex practices that they first learned about through the Internet. He said that the most frequent hits, are videos depicting rape. People are influenced by what they see, even if they don’t experience it in reality.

A study on the relationship of pornography to erectile dysfunction had recently appeared in America. Frequent masturbation while watching pornographic films, he said, causes men to be unable to do so unless they are alone. Yet no one talks about it.

According to Professor Schirrmacher, a World Health Organization study has revealed that people have never had as little sex as they do at present. The real sexuality of two people is decreasing more and more in numbers. Also parental sex education is strongly declining. Today, sex education takes place mainly through pornography. This is a dangerous development, he says, because it means we are getting a growing number of young women who think they can't say no, that they have to take part in all this. And more and more boys think their penises are too small because they can't keep up with the ones in porn films. There are also never any condoms to be seen in Internet depictions.

The professor lamented that today there is a taboo topic that we are not allowed to talk about the consequences of the sexual revolution. We could not talk about its victims. The victims also include the pornographic actors and actresses. Their average life expectancy is 38 years. The causes of death are: STDs, suicide, violence and drugs.

But the consumers are also among the victims, because they are negatively influenced by pornography and are often no longer capable of a real relationship. The ability to love is being destroyed with increasing frequency. This comes across very clearly in Shelley Lubben's book.

Consumers are victims too! Likewise, the consumers are deprived of their dignity. Consider: You become a perpetrator on a brother, a sister, who deeply degrade themselves on the other side of the lens! But you also degrade yourself when you pervert the wonderful gift of God in this harmful way! Not only that, you are not only defiling yourself, you are damaging your body, your soul, and your spirit. You are receiving the wages of your error in yourself! (Romans 1:27)

Psychologist Tabea Freitag (Fachstelle Mediensucht) also had her say at the book launch. She asked how pornography affects young people. The answer: they perceive their entire environment in a sexualized way. Although young people often perceive pornography as perverse, they are nevertheless drawn into its spell time and again. Pornography would leads to a narcissistic consumer attitude: I take everything I want. Women would only be used for sexual exploitation. More than 90 percent of boys would consume porn. The most precious thing we humans have is the ability to love. We have to reinforce this. The Media Addiction Center offers good German teaching materials for attachment-oriented sexual education.

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