A word for you

chapter 18 (sample Chapter)


He who knows you & loves you, Jesus, says to you: 

"You are enough. You are not too much either. You are incredibly precious to me. I see you before me as a pure woman. I am proud of your desire to live pure. I am for you. I will always love you. Stay close to me and in me and I will guide you with my words and eyes, through my Holy Spirit. I have freedom in abundance for you. My grace is yours. You are called to bear my authority as a pure woman. I have called you by your name, you are mine and nothing can pull you out of my love. Here you are safe - here you are fully accepted - you have come into your fullness!" 

Go deeper

"Think not of the sins I committed in my youth, nor of my later transgressions! Only in your mercy remember me, O LORD, for your goodness is so great." 

Psalm 25:7   

"Blessed be the LORD, for he has marvelously shown me his mercy; he has given me refuge in a fortified city." 

Psalm 31:22  

"Then grace and truth meet together, then righteousness and peace kiss each other." 

Psalm 85:11 

"Paul and Barnabas spoke to them at length, urging them to rely entirely on God's grace and to stay on the path they were now taking." 

Acts 13:43 

"And now I entrust you to God and to the message of His grace. This message has the power to establish you 'in the faith' so that you, along with all others who belong to God's holy people, will receive the 'eternal' inheritance." 

Acts 20:32 

"and that they are declared righteous is based on his grace. It is his free gift because of the redemption through Jesus Christ."

Romans 3: 24 

"Through Him we have been given free access to the grace that is now the foundation of our lives, and in faith we claim it. Moreover, we have a hope that fills us with joy and pride: We will one day share in God's glory." 

Romans 5:2   


[In the course you have the possibility to answer these questions]

Question #1:

Have you had spiritual nourishment regularly since the last chapter? In other words: How did you enjoy your time with Jesus today? Reading, praying, worshiping, fellowshiping, witnessing, ...

Question #2:

If so, when and how? If no, why not?

Question #3:

Have you used pornography since the last chapter?

Question #4:

Have you masturbated since the last chapter?

Question #5:

Have you made other people the object of your desires in thought, deed, or word since the last chapter?

Question #6:

If you answered "Yes" to any of the previous three questions, what was the trigger? If you answered "No" to all questions, you can use this space for comments or questions.

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