Restored Heart – online course


This 11-week free!ndeed online course contains encouraging, honest video inputs for each week. Helpful tips to help you deal with the pain you are feeling. You’ll also get support for accompanying your husband towards freedom from pornography. Start your journey to a Restored Heart today.


Inka has experienced for herself how deep the injuries can go and how hard this time can be. She authentically tells you about her life and shows you important steps to take to get out of the valley of pain. In addition there are inputs from Dorothee in the course that explain elements of healing from a Christian psychological point of view. Together they will help and accompany you on your journey towards restored heart.

The online course of free!ndeed is structured in such a way that after each completed unit another unit is unlocked, which you can then work on.

  • 11 weeks more intensive online course.
  • Encouraging, honest video inputs for each week.
  • Rest for your heart
  • Deep encounters with God.
  • Building Bible Verses
  • Instructions to ‘go deeper
  • Helpful tips to help you deal with your injuries
  • Support for your husband’s companionship

Is your heart open? Do you long for company on this difficult road? Then sign up today!


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