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free!ndeed helps men find freedom from addiction to pornography and supports marriages being restored. Our vision is to see liberated men and women equipped for spiritual warfare, fueling growth in their church and becoming revivalists throughout Europe and the world.

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The Course for Men

Courageous, radical and absolutely devoted. These are the attributes of men after God‘s heart. But in order to be such a man, you need the heart of a fighter, ready to face this giant called pornography. Are you ready to draw your sword? To seize the Word of God and fight pornography in your life? Then this course is for you. In 30 units you will be trained, encouraged and equipped to walk in freedom from pornography, once and for all.

The principles and tools we will teach you in the course can also be applied to other dependencies and bondages. Generation David leads you into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

The online course includes:

30 unit intensive online course

Honest insights into our experience and dealing with sexual temptation

An intensive accountability programme with your own accountability partner

Fighter verses that will bring you closer to the Word of God


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100% of the participants

recommend this course to others

"The course is not a plan, not a receipe, not a formula that you just have to work through and then it's all good! The course points to the only way to be truly free, and I have had an epiphany! “

"I don't consume pornography anymore! I can suddenly take in sermons and my Bible reading much better. My mind is free."

"The course is great and helped me a lot - it is so worth it! The videos were especially great. I always felt really welcome at the start".

"Thank you so much!!!! The course was such a huge help to me! "

Over 2000 course participants

The course has already helped many men become free.

40% of the participants have stopped consuming pornography

45% of the participants consume significantly less pornography

15% of the participants have not noticed a difference


The Course for Wives

Restoring the broken, healing the injured. This course is written for wives who suffer from the pornography consumption of their husbands. Wounded hearts are led to the healing power of Jesus and His Word. Women are shown hope and confidence, given practical and everyday support, and guided to leave the dark chapter of their marriage behind them step by step.

The online course includes:

11 week intensive online course

Encouraging and honest video inputs for every week

Deep encounters with God

Helpful tips to help you dealing with your injuries

Support for your husband's companionship


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100% of the participants

recommend this course to others

"The course is fully directed toward Jesus. It's not just psychological advice."

"I would never have got this far alone. I would have been quite helpless. I learned so much about myself. Although my original motivation in starting the course was for my husband to become free."

"The course has helped me to deal with the confusing and incredibly intense feelings that my husband's outing caused in me. The course motivated me every day to go deeper, to hope further and to love more. Your encouragement helped me so much and inspired me to hope more than I could have done on my own. I am so grateful!"

"I don't know what I would have done without this course. I am very moved by how God has carried me over the last months. It is true what is written in his Word: The Lord is near to all who have a broken heart."


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