Restored Heart

The 11 unit online course of free!ndeed is written for wives/partners who suffer from the pornography consumption of their husbands/partners. The course contains encouraging, honest video inputs for each week and questions that go deeper. Inka also gives you helpful tips to help you deal with your injuries and you will receive support for accompanying your husband.

Module 1 Welcome To Restored Heart
Section 1 Welcome To Restored Heart
Module 2 My Story as a Wife
Section 1 Our Story
Section 2 Express Your Feelings
Section 3 Express Your Feelings Pt. 2
Section 4 Your Letter To Jesus
Section 5 Plans Of Prosperity
Section 6 Wounds To Heal
Module 3 Finding Rest
Section 1 Take Care Of Yourself
Section 2 Look To The Horizon
Section 3 Learn To Distinguish
Section 4 Letting Burdens Go
Section 5 Identity In Jesus
Module 4 The Conversation
Section 1 The Conversation
Section 2 Prepare Yourself
Section 3 From Pain to Victory
Section 4 Gateway of Hope
Section 5 Gateway of Hope Pt. 2
Section 6 Unconquerable
Section 7 Unconquerable Pt. 2
Module 5 Step By Step
Section 1 Physical Intimacy
Section 2 Mental Associations
Section 3 You Are Enough
Section 4 Your No and Your Yes
Section 5 Your No and Your Yes Pt. 2
Section 6 Steps Into Forgiveness
Section 7 Steps Into Forgiveness Pt.2
Module 6 Co-Dependence
Section 1 Do Not Own The Problem
Section 2 Do Not Own The Problem Pt.2
Section 3 Letting Go
Section 4 Invest In Trust
Section 5 Your Role As His Wife
Section 6 Your Role As His Wife Pt.2
Section 7 Love & Submission
Section 8 Love & Submission Pt.2
Module 7 Forgiveness
Section 1 The Power Of Forgiveness
Section 2 The Power Of Forgiveness Pt.2
Section 3 Real Forgiveness
Section 4 Real Forgiveness Pt.2
Section 5 Forgiveness Needs Time
Section 6 Forgiveness is...
Section 7 A Soft Heart
Module 8 Memory and Vision
Section 1 Building Altars
Section 2 First Love
Section 3 First Love Pt.2
Section 4 Dreams For Your Marriage
Section 5 Mission and Calling
Section 6 Final Stone
Module 9 Your Identity In Jesus
Section 1 Your Value
Section 2 Your Value Pt.2
Section 3 Under God´s Gaze
Section 4 Under God´s Gaze Pt.2
Section 5 Endurance
Section 6 Jesus My Foundation
Section 7 Jesus My Foundation Pt.2
Section 8 Getting Closer
Module 10 Dealing with Pornography as a Family and as a Woman
Section 1 Hope For Your Family
Section 2 God´s Gift And His Calling
Section 3 Proclaim Victory
Section 4 Active Family Life
Section 5 Active Family Life Pt. 2
Section 6 Your Part In Purity
Section 7 Your Part In Purity Pt. 2
Module 11 A Wounded Male Heart
Section 1 Liberation For Both Of You
Section 2 The Reasons Your Husband is Watching Porn
Section 3 Acknowledging His Strengths
Section 4 Work as a Team
Section 5 Work as a Team Pt. 2
Section 6 Fullness For Your Marriage
Module 12 How You Can Support Your Husband
Section 1 Moment Of Reflection
Section 2 Boundaries and Encouragement
Section 3 Avoid Control
Section 4 Love in Action
Section 5 Unified Prayer
Module 13 Last Day
Section 1 Last Day
Section 2 Feedback
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