Generation Esther – Identity Course


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The ‘Generation Esther’ Identity Course creates a firm foundation for your walk with Jesus and for your calling, and is designed so that every woman can benefit from it. Twenty chapters take you closer to the Father’s heart, showing you the beautiful identity and breathtaking dignity He endows you with, how challenging times can become your stepping stone to a life of adventure, and how you can learn to receive the abundance God has prepared for you. Using Queen Esther as an example, you will be led step by step deeper into encounters with Jesus, gaining new freedoms and insights about yourself, your calling, and God’s love. 

From the day you purchase this online course, you will have access to it fo the next 6 months.

What you can expect:

  • 6 month access of 20 in-depth chapters
  • Intro videos from Inka at the beginning of each chapter
  • Working intensively with biblical truths
  • Youtube worship videos
  • Introduction to the ‘5 Principles of Freedom’ from free!ndeed
  • Creative ideas for implementing what you have learned
  • Opportunity to go through the course with a companion
  • Access your course at anytime and anywhere

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The Identity Course is part of your path to freedom, whether you are struggling heavily with addictions or not. After this Identity Course, we want to offer you the opportunity to work more on topics that prevent you from living truly free and stepping into your calling.

Embark on the journey to your identity and calling!

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