Here you can find out more about soul ties and how they can be broken!


Lüge, die ich glaubte: -> Wahrheit, die ich glauben will:

„Ich bin schmutzig.“ -> „Gott, du machst mich clean! Ich bin jetzt clean!“

„Ich bin ein Fehler.“ -> „Gott, du machst keine Fehler. Ich bin dein geschätzter Sohn.“

„Ich bin unwürdig.“ -> „Gott, du setzt mir eine Krone auf. Ich bin gekleidet mit deiner Würde als Prinz.“

At this point, we would like to take you a little deeper into the important topic of " breaking soul ties and unhealthy relationships". As this is not a favorite sermon topic, many people know too little or nothing about it. In his time on earth, Jesus broke countless ties that held people captive.

You may be wondering what these bonds are. Good question! We subconsciously form many more bonds than we think. There are positive and negative bonds. The following Bible passages are some examples that such bonds exist. The following examples show positive bonds.

Genesis 44:30+31 (SLT oder ELB Übersetzung) - Jacob and Benjamin

1 Samuel 18:1 (SLT oder ELB Übersetzung) - David and Jonathan

Genesis 2:24 (HFA Übersetzung) - Man and woman become one

But if there are positive bonds, then there is also the opposite side. Let's delve a little deeper into the negative bonds.

It is incredibly important that you free yourself from any emotional ties that you have entered into because of unholy connections. This could be sex that you had with someone, for example, but it doesn't have to have gone that far. Even touching that was not intended by God can create attachments. Unhealthy attachments between people are also possible on an emotional level, which do not pass without a trace, even if you no longer have contact with this person. These are often subconscious ties that continue to influence your behavior and thinking and do not let go.

An example of an unhealthy emotional tie is when you open up too much in a relationship and reveal things about yourself that do not correspond to the level of trust and commitment of your relationship.


The following comparison may help you to visualize the entire phenomenon a little better. Imagine sticking two sheets of paper together by applying a large amount of glue and pressing them together. If you now want to separate these pages again, you will inevitably end up with two scraps with parts of one side stuck to the other, which are then missing, and vice versa. This is also the case with spiritual bonds. With every bond you enter into, you give something of your soul (your thoughts, will and emotions) and carry something of the other person. That is why we also speak of soul ties.

Soul ties can cause different symptoms depending on how long the relationship or connection lasted. These soul tie symptoms can affect a person's mind, will and emotions long after the relationship has ended, even years later. Soul tie symptoms can cause anger, unpredictable or spontaneous mood swings due to this past or present relationship. Some symptoms of soul ties are listed here:

  • Suddenly imagining, visualizing, or hearing the person's face and/or voice in your head, which may trigger certain behaviors, mood swings, memories, or physical manifestations.

  • Stalking, excessive reference to the person in conversations, obsession with the person(s) in your thoughts - especially at certain times of the day or night.

  • Regularly pondering, thinking, fantasizing or daydreaming about this person while single or married.

  • Other possible symptoms are secrets, desires or wishes from the time in which the soul bond came about.

You may be emotionally, mentally and/or financially traumatized by the negative results of what this/these person(s) did that hindered, controlled or manipulated you.

It is also important to know that it is possible to enter into another relationship and still be connected to people from the past through the soul tie. People who are currently married can still be emotionally connected and married (spiritually speaking) to their former spouse or intimate relationship. Most individuals are not able to satisfy their current spouse because their broken soul is still connected to the other person(s). Just because someone moves on or gets married does not mean the soul tie is broken.

Bonds with porn actresses:

The consumption of pornography also creates bonds with the performers that need to be severed. This separation can take different forms: Consciously separate yourself from performers with whom you have purposefully built up a bond through repeated consumption. Perhaps even mention their name if you know it. You can summarize all other bonds with performers in another prayer.

Emotional Bonds:

In a healthy relationship, where trust and commitment are equal, this kind of intimacy and commitment is even necessary. However, if you have entered into a connection with someone that has gone far beyond your commitment and now binds you to this person in an unhealthy way, then you need to return and reclaim these parts, which can be done with prayer. You feel as if your soul is scattered - and that's exactly what it is. But you can and should get it back and let God heal it.


Place each of these connections before God and feel free to say this prayer out loud:

(This prayer is a suggested formulation. It does not have to be prayed exactly like this, but should contain the core elements).

"Jesus, I bring you my relationship with ...., I bring you .... (list exactly what happened). I ask you for forgiveness and acknowledge that my actions were wrong. I also forgive ... (name the person). I renounce any connection with ... . In Jesus' name I renounce and break all spiritual, physical and emotional ties with this person. I give back ... ... and reclaim from ... ... . (sometimes these can also be physical objects)

Thank you Jesus for forgiving me and I now cast off all shame, fear and condemning feelings. Thank you that you can make all things new and that I stand before you as a pure man without blemish. Teach me to act according to your principles and teach me how you want me to live purity in my life. I accept your forgiveness and love and also do not reconnect with this person. Thank you that I can leave this with you.


Awesome! What a step! Matthew 16:19 says:

"And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven."

The good news is that through this prayer you have claimed the key to breaking these addictions and put it to use. Jesus really can and will make everything new. Forgive yourself too and don't allow shame and lies to steal your freedom again.

You are called to purity and God will teach you to live a life of purity, freedom and eventually healthy, holy sexuality if you trust Him.

Finally, we would like to recommend one thing in particular to you. If you haven't already done so, find a buddy on your path to living as a pure man to whom you can be accountable and tell things openly without sugarcoating them.

The area of "purity" in particular can be a huge stumbling block. Don't think that you can do it all by yourself and don't overestimate yourself. It is wise to walk together with others. Together we are stronger.

Remember, God sees you as a pure and strong man. He believes in you!

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