What happens to my data?

We attach great importance to the fact that your data are safe with us. After each unit a PDF is generated and sent to you as an e-mail. This PDF will be deleted from our server as soon as it is retrieved. This means that we do not have any data from you except the data you gave us.

Do I need an accountability partner?

We recommend that you take the course with an accountability partner. Our course emphasizes that you choose a person you trust and account to. Think about who this person can be in your environment. We recommend that it is NOT the spouse or girlfriend but a person of the same sex. You can also take the course without an accountability partner. In the course there is always the possibility to add an accountability partner to your profile. However, if you find it absolutely difficult to find someone, we recommend that you take some steps forward and start the course.

My login doesn’t work. I get the message that my user doesn’t exist.

Did you confirm your account in the email you received? Often this email ends up in the spam folder. If it is still not working please send us an e-mail to info@free-indeed.de. We will check the process and send you further instructions.

You have bought a voucher?

You will receive a code automatically. You and your partners have to use this code to buy the course in our online shop. By entering the code in the voucher field the price will be set to 0,00€.

Your PDF is not encrypted (anymore)?

If you want your PDFs to be encrypted, you must enter a password for the PDF file under ‘My Account > Account Details > Password for the pdf summary of your units’. This password must then also be used by your account partner to open the PDF.

I can’t open the course. When I click on a chapter the list closes again.

1. The course has to be done in order. You cannot skip chapters. Are you at the corresponding next chapter?

2. Your course may not be activated yet. Please send us an e-mail to info@free-indeed.com

Where are my answeres stored?

The answers will only be stored on our servers for the time until the PDF is created. As soon as the e-mail is sent, the data will be deleted.

Who reads my answers?

We at free!ndeed do not read your answers. Your answers will be sent to you and your registered account partner in PDF format. So only you both read your answers. After the creation of the PDF and the sending all answers of the respective unit will be deleted.

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