How to bring free!ndeed into your country?

The call of freedom

Do you feel the call from God to help others experience the same wonderful freedom you have been given by God?

Is there a burning in your heart to spread the hope that Jesus has the power and the desire to set every person free from this bondage?

If this rings true for you, then we would love to get in touch with you.

God has already been opening doors for us into many nations, and we have been given a strategy to help you get this message of freedom out to your nation.

We are currently partnering in these countries

Will you be our door opener to your nation?

Let's connect so we can help you setup, enlarge, and grow freedom from addictions in your country!


What does it take for the message of freedom to be heard in the language of my country?


How can ambassadors of freedom multiply in my nation?


What can be done for freedom to be taken to my neighboring nations?

Reach out to us! Let's partner together to reach your country!

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