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Generation Esther is the women's movement of free!ndeed.

We believe in and invest in a generation of women who stand firm in their IDENTITY in Jesus, know who they are in Him and know their authority. We dream of many women walking in FREEDOM and purity as well as living radical discipleship. We believe that Jesus is calling women to join men in changing the world at a time like this. We believe in the CALLING on each woman's life and want to encourage and cheer them on.

We do this through various resources such as interactive online courses, social media posts, products, as well as face-to-face interaction, live events, a mentoring program, and freedom groups for women.

Feel free to get in touch with us!

You, too, are an Esther – and you get to take your place fully.


Online courses

You want to understand and grasp your true identity and dignity in Jesus more deeply?

You long for freedom and purity in every area of your life?

You are reaching out for healing that your wounded heart desperately needs right now?

We currently offer an online courses on healing!

Our PURE. course on purity is coming soon.

PURE. – Freedom course

PURE. is an interactive online course for women of all ages who long for a lifestyle of purity and freedom.

It is for women who struggle with masturbation, pornography or other sexual bondages and are now ready to fight and win the battle with Jesus' strength.

  • 20 units intense onlinecourse for 6 months
  • Accountability function with your own accountability partner
  • Extra-elements for the deepening of specific topics
  • honest testimonies from other women

Restored Heart – Healing course

This online course for wives and partners who suffer from their husbands' pornography addiction. Wounded hearts are led to the healing power of Jesus and His Word. The women are shown hope and confidence, they experience practical and everyday support.

  • 12 units intense onlinecourse for 6 months
  • Encouraging and honest inputs
  • Helpful tips to empower you to deal with your pain


We want to accompany you on your journey in identity, freedom and calling. We believe that God has prepared abundance in every area of your life. We would like to take you into everything that is happening in our movement and speak encouragement into your life through our monthly newsletter.

Each month we share news, encouragement and thoughts to inspire as well as strengthen you and lead you closer to God's heart.

Social Media

Encouragement, honest insights, testimonials, info and more.

We love to join you on your journey. Social media offers the opportunity to write directly to us and see what's going on. We love to share encouragement and thoughts for this time.

Feel free to write us about what's on your mind and what topics you'd like to see more content about.

Do you already know our Spotify playlists?

We've put together some worship songs for you. Whether for quiet, intimate moments with Jesus, when you just want to dance or express all your praise and thanks to Him.

Get activ!

A movement lives from people who are moved. On the way with Jesus we want to be real encouragement and inspiration to each other. In different ways you can connect more with us and become an active part of the

Generation Esther Movement. We love to hear from you and get to know you better.

Women groups

Currently we are in the process of designing a group concept. This will give you the opportunity to create and lead a freedom group based on one of our online courses.

Financial support

We are a donation-funded ministry that is in the midst of a major growth phase. We invite you to invest in this freedom movement. We are grateful for any support.


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