Our vision is to see men and women liberated and equipped for spiritual warfare, fueling growth in their church and becoming revivalists throughout Europe and the world.

This vision:

  • it enables us to leave shame and fear behind us to take on our spiritual strength.
  • it allows us to think bigger and further crossing national and confessional boundaries.
  • it attracts and brings forth hopeful, battle-ready and well-equipped people.

Does your heart burns for leading others into freedom? Do you stand behind this vision?

If so, then there are several ways you can become a part of our team.

Share your testimony on video

We are always looking for courageous men and women who are willing to share their testimonies with others in front of the camera. Have you experienced God as your liberator from an unhealthy dependence? Do you feel like you are living again, and are able to enjoy the vibrancy of life and freedom? We believe that your story has power! We love authenticity and weakness because that is when God can shine through us. Every time you share your testimony with others, it is a prophetic act and an invitation for God to do it again in the life of another. Do you want to be a part of this great liberation story in Europe?

We dream of flooding the internet with freedom stories. Nobody can rob us of our story! Whoever has experienced freedom feels that it has to be shared with others.

If you feel moved by this, then send us an email and we will get in touch with you.

Freedom FIGHTER Trainee Program

Do you want to consciously live the lifestyle of a freedom fighter and invest in a new generation of liberated men and women? Do you want to become a bearer of hope and revival for all of Europe? Are you ready to use your God-given gifts for His glory, to develop them further and thus sharpen your God-given calling? Then become part of our vision at free!ndeed, because we need you! Become a free!ndeed FREEDOM FIGHTER!

What is a trainee program?

A trainee is a university graduate who is specifically supported in an organization by systematically working in different and compatible work areas in order to develop as a potential and versatile junior employee. Such a development program is usually referred to as a trainee program. (Source: Wikipedia)

With free!ndeed you have the possibility to complete a trainee period between 2 and 6 months.

Which opportunities does the FREEDOM FIGHTER Trainee Program offer me?

You will…

  • become acquainted with the two work places of free!ndeed: Stuttgart and Augsburg
  • become part of a strong team of men and women who all have their own freedom story and healing from pornography and/or masturbation. You will learn from them and with them to develop, live, and share, a growing fascination for God's freedom and healing.
  • get a better insight into the vision, the fields of work, and the working culture of freeindeed
  • invest your gifts purposefully and spicifically in a suitable field of work for your calling
  • have intensive in person, hands-on, free!ndeed small group experience
  • learn how you can act as a bearer of hope and fight for freedom, both regionally and nationally (network working, e.g. in youth work, community work, travel and lecture services)
  • receive a mission partner development (MPD) training and thus learn to lead a life on a donation basis and thus that of a freeindeed missionary for a limited period of time. In order to examine it for yourself as a possible later personal calling.
What is required of me in order to participate in the FREEDOM FIGHTER Trainee Program?

What do I need to bring to participate in the FREEDOM FIGHTER Trainee Program?

  • Living relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Biblically/spiritually guided way of life
  • Participation in a free!ndeed men's day
  • Participation in the Generation David Course
  • Ideally lived freedom from pornography
  • Completed vocational training
  • Openness and willingness to learn and familiarise oneself with new areas of work
When can I join the FREEDOM FIGHTER Trainee Program?

An entry into the trainee program at free!ndeed is possible on short notice but only after the initial consultation. The trainee program is designed to run for a minimum of at least 2 months.

Where and how can I apply?

Please send the following documents to

  • CV with photo
  • Letter of interest/motivation
  • Letter of reference from two persons
  • God wants to be in an intimate relationship with us, to offer a life of holistic freedom, vision and calling!

free!ndeed Co-worker

We are looking for permanent employees who carry the vision of free!ndeed in their hearts and who can imagine to actively support us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

How can I join free!ndeed?
  • A heart for our vision
  • A lifestyle of freedom from pornography
  • Deep relationship with God and prayer life
  • Openness to learn more about the spiritual battle
  • Moderate to advanced knowledge of English
  • Ready to take risks
  • Completed studies or an apprenticeship with at least 2 years of professional experience
Where and how can I apply?

Please send the following documents to

  • CV with photo
  • Letter of motivation
  • Letter of reference from two persons
  • Final certificate/degree (school, vocational training/study)
The free!ndeed missionary lifestyle:

A free!ndeed employee lives a missionary lifestyle: this means that he or she is responsible for finding supporters who enable them to get paid for their job on the basis of their donations. We are happy to give you more information. Simply write to us:

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