Together instead of alone!

Accountability partner/ or companion in the online course:

In each chapter/unit, we ask the online participant several questions that he/she is expected to answer honestly. Once a chapter/unit is complete, a PDF file is created from the questions & answers, which is emailed to both the participant and the accountability partner. As an option, this PDF can be password-encrypted by the participant. If he/she chooses a password, it must be given to you confidentially.

WHY is an accountability partner helpful?

Do not walk alone through our online course 'Generation David' for men or 'PURE.' for women! This is our strong recommendation. Our experience shows that you cannot become free by yourself /alone and on your own. It is important to have someone who encourages you, prays for you, corrects you and challenges you.

The Bible states:

"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another."

Proverbs 27:17

We encourage you to look for a specific companion, to whom you will gladly give an account of your progress and setbacks. Very important: Do not allow yourself to be controlled. This companion should be a support for you, someone you can trust, and with whom you can talk openly and clearly about everything. Because every hidden thing that comes to light loses its power.

With an accountability partner, you break the lone wolf mentality, that clearly hinders you in your battle for purity.

HOW do I find an accountability partner ?

Think about who you can approach! It should be someone who has an active life of faith, understands grace and truth, prays for you regularly, and takes time to encourage you. It is most helpful if your partner has overcome sin in the sexual area and has been living in freedom from it for some time.

Even if you don't have anyone suitable in mind right now, we encourage you to start the online course anyway. Don’t let this stop you from starting the course. You can also add an accountability partner to your profile at any time after you've started. If no one in your community comes to mind, please contact us - we will be happy to find a suitable person for you.

WHEN and HOW do I have interaction with my accountability partner?

Accountability is a collaborative effort and requires a dynamic relationship because the freedom journey is not static. Discuss your accountability relationship with each other and set frameworks for regular interaction. We recommend setting up a scheduled meeting, phone call, zoom call...etc. once a week. After each completed chapter/unit, it would also be a good idea to discuss the answers from the accountability PDF. Over time, if needed, make adjustments to your collaboration.

This can either be a short (for the period of the online course) or longterm (beyond the course length) accountability relationship based on your current capacity. Ideally, this accountability relationship continues past the completion of the course, as it is a real added value.

WHAT do I need to pay attention to in order to be a good accountability partner? (+ Download PDF)

In a PDF file, we have compiled some ideas and tips to help you with this valuable task. The information is useful for both the accountability partner and the course participant.

A tip from free!ndeed:

"We recommend you NOT to choose your spouse/partner as an accountability partner, but a person from the outside. A man should always choose a male accountability partner and a woman should always choose a female one. Your spouse/partner is directly affected by your addiction and therefore needs special protection. Good friends, elders, mentors, and those who have experienced freedom (in the topic of purity) are best suited for this.

One of the causes of addiction is isolation and loneliness. You break both of these with an accountability partner. We encourage you to go into prayer and ask God who you want your accountability partner to be."

Register as an Accountability Partner

Have you been asked to be an accountability partner for one or more participants?

To get started for privacy reasons you need to register in our system.

If you are an online course participant and you have found an accountability partner, please send him/her the link from the tab above, in order to register.  

After successful registration, you only need to enter his/her email address in the "Accountability Partners" section under "My Account".

Volunteer and become an Accountability Partner!

We are looking for accountability partners who are open to accompany other men or women. Although having someone local is a ideal, sometimes there are special circumstances why someone cannot find an accountability partner in their local area. In such cases, we try to provide an accountability partner. Are you interested in being involved in this role, at least temporarily?

Then get in touch with us here via the form.


What do I do if I can't find an accountability partner in my community?

Even if after a period of intentional prayer you have not found someone, just contact us and we will try to match you with a suitable person.

Does my accountability partner necessarily have to come from my community/location?

If you prefer an in-person meeting, it makes sense that the distance does not become an obstacle. However, accountability can also be experienced through long distances by phone, zoom...etc.

How do I proceed once I have found an accountability partner?

First, that person must register as an accountability partner. Unless he/she already has an account with us.

For men:

For women:

After they register, add your accountability partner to "My Account" under "Accountability Partners" with the email address that they used to register with us. Done!

My accountability partner does not receive my accountability PDF!

Please make sure that you have finished a complete chapter/unit, not just a section/subchapters. Only then the PDF will be sent out. If you and your accountability partner still haven't received any emails, please contact our support team via chat or by sending an email to

How do I restart my online course?

Within your 6-month access, you can start your online course from the beginning as often as you like. To do so, please contact our support team with your corresponding email address and the request to reset.

I no longer have access to my online course!

Please note that you have access to your online course for 6 months from the time of purchase and it may have expired in the meantime. You then have the option to purchase an extension for another 6 months in our store. (Note: You must be logged in to your account to do this).

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