What does freedom from pornography mean?

We are often asked what freedom from pornography means and how it can look like?

It is important to define the term freedom. There is external freedom and internal freedom.

Externally, it is easier to define what freedom is. Briefly speaking: as long as you can live in freedom and are not imprisoned, you are considered a free human being. You can go where you want, say what you want, do what you want and look at what you want. As soon as one experiences external restrictions, in our society, these are evaluated or felt as prison. Your own ego is the centre and the determining factor in society. Pornography dependency doesn't necessarily put you in prison. But it is in charge of your life. Nights were you are restless; having little sleep; irritability and a feeling of bondage can become an external as well as an internal prison. In the end you are not free because addiction enslaves you and forces you to do things you would not do without the addiction. We believe that outward freedom only exists in God's presence and when we move in His will.

Internal freedom is more complex. An essential point of inner freedom is to be able to say "NO". As soon as a person is, or finds himself in an unhealthy dependence, he can no longer act according to his own free will. His addiction determines his behavior. He is, in the case of pornography addiction, completely exposed to his sex drive. To be free, therefore, means to be able to choose freely from what is possible. If you are free then you are responsible for your own decisions and free to bear the consequences of those decisions. True freedom is from our point of view the freedom to make decisions that correspond to a moral context. The moral context means that each person/society has its own perception of morality. As soon as our decisions restrict the freedom of another human being, this moral context is exceeded. A freedom that is free of morality is not true freedom, since it mostly influences and disturbs the freedom of another human being. In the case of pornography, the sexual freedom of the actors is always limited, even if it is said that it all happens voluntarily. We believe that through the consumption of pornography the God-given dignity of a human being is robbed.

Pornography dependence massively restricts your inner freedom. The so-called pressure of addiction controls your actions. We at free!ndeed are convinced that every human being is called to say "NO" out of freedom. You are called to lead a free and successful life without false dependencies. Everyone, even the most addicted person, can become free through Jesus Christ. Jesus promises freedom in His word and we believe in it. ( John 8:36). It is not we who liberate, not you or any other person. Only Jesus Christ, who carried all guilt on the cross, makes you 100% free. These promises also apply to you and to every person in this world. True freedom takes place in the moral context of God.

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