Oxford Dictionary:

linguistic, visual depiction of sexual acts with one-sided emphasis on the genital area and excluding the psychological and partnership aspects of sexuality

Definition of the term "pornography" by the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH):

"A display is to be regarded as pornographic if under the exclusion of all other human references it gives sexual processes priority in a grossly intrusive, outrageous manner or its overall tendency is aimed exclusively or predominantly at the lustful interest of the observer in sexual matters". "Pornography" is the term used to describe sexual acts which, on the one hand, depict a real sexual event or, on the other hand, also include the depiction of a fictitious event.

We define pornography a little differently. Pornography starts with us where the image of a person is abused as a source of sexuals satisfaction. Prof. Jeschek has made a beautiful statement here which we can only emphasize: "the separation of sexuality from the more intimate spiritual and emotional life of man" is "the actual destructive part of pornography".

Pornography is present as soon as sexuality is separated from the soul and ultimately happens without feelings or out of a self-gratification of feelings. For the porn consumer there is nothing to be imagined; everything is already shown. Porn film, in its one-dimensional imagery, is full of "actors" which depict an unrealistic view of sexuality. The whole pornography industry must miss the reality in which the "real" could be grasped, even approximately. Based on the article written by Micheal Foucault, 'Pornography and power in Michel Foucault’s thought,Journal of Political Power'. He states that there is no place for any one's own will in the pornographic film depiction. Women's bodies are sexualized, and there is a stronger side of the male dominance. Pornography has become a place to show dominance of power.

Sigmund Freud said the following: "The loss of shame is the first sign of nonsense."

Pornography inevitably leads to shamelessness which poses great challenges to our society. Where a naturally given shame which serves to protect the individual decays a society can fall apart.

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