– The Freedom Course For Women Of All Ages –

Who is this online course for?

PURE. is an interactive online course for women of all ages who long for a lifestyle of purity and freedom.

It is for women who struggle with masturbation, pornography, or other sexual bondages and with Jesus’ strength, are now ready to fight and win the battle.

Sexual purity will cost you something. It is only that which costs you something – which will change your life! Are you ready?

20 in-depth Chapters

Discover the powerful “5 Principles of Freedom”. Learn to apply them in a practical way.


Find a mentor, friend or leader to guide you throughout the course and support you.


You will always come across encouraging testimonies from women either in the audio or written form.


Before each session, we invite you to immerse yourself in God’s presence while listening to worship music.

The following are part of the online course:

Testimonies of women who have fought the same fight

an in-depth accountability structure

Access to the extended version of the “5 Principles of Freedom”.

+EXTRA areas, with are specialized on individual topics such as “sexuality and singleness”

More in depth teaching on the topic of masturbation

Access to the fighting verses

An automatic PDF summary of your chapters

Access to course for 6 months


For young women age 20 and under, we offer the PURE. Online Course for FREE. If you are 20 or younger and would like to take advantage of the offer, email with your name and age and she will send you a coupon code.

Why live a life of purity?

Purity is one of the most important things in our lives. It refers not only to our sexuality, but to every area of our being.

However, this course is particularly concerned with purity in your sexuality.

In Proverbs 4:23, God says: More than anything, guard your heart, for from it flows life.”

A heart that is pure, is the key to life.

Many people live in impurity and wonder why they are not strong in their faith life? Why they are not free? Why the life that Jesus promised them of abundance feels stale rather than filling?

It is time that we as women reclaim what has been stolen from us. It is time that we break taboo subjects. You are called to freedom and purity will be your path to it. Purity will cost you, but only what costs you will change your life! Are you ready?

Together, instead of alone.

We are a women’s movement because we believe that we are called to be together. No one has to walk alone. No one has to conquer the Goliaths in their lives alone. God’s heartbeat is community, which is visible even more so in the Trinity.

You, too, are called to the community. We want to walk with you on the path to purity.

There are so many ways that you can become part of the Generation Esther Movement.

But, because we also know you need special intimate friendships and trusted people to challenge, love and strengthen you on your journey. We’ve included an accountability feature. You don’t have to go through this online course alone. Why not ask a good friend to support you in your journey? After each chapter, she will receive a PDF file with your answers to our guided questions. We will prepare her for this task and she will help you to persevere, to build your faith, to pray for you and to encourage you on your way to freedom! You can find more information on accountability here.

Go deeper – God’s Word!