chapter 18 (Sample chapter)


Our reaction to accusations and lies shows whether we have understood what grace is and how secure we are now in our newly acquired identity in Jesus. We have not only changed our behaviors, but we are no longer victims of our sins. We have received grace. No matter how much the devil tries to use it against you, God has cleansed you and He is ready and willing to pour out His grace on you every day. Grace is the opposite of shame. When we understand and accept what Jesus says about us. Shame can no longer impress us and we let it bounce off us. Just like Paul did with the snake.

“Your grace surrounds them and protects them like a shield.”

Psalm 5:13 

Often I hear Christians say, “Yes, I believe God has forgiven me, but I can’t forgive myself.”I pray for you that as you work through this chapter, you will have a whole new revelation of God’s grace and know that it fully applies to you as well. For every part of your life and history; no matter how painful it has been. He paid for it all. Wherever we have difficulties in an area accepting a part of God’s grace for us, we are lacking revelation of His true character for that specific situation. When we personally know and feel that He loves us unconditionally, even in the area where we currently feel lack, then we can accept His undeserved grace.

There is a huge difference between believing that we are sinners and understanding that when we have accepted Jesus in our lives, we are no longer sinners but daughters of God.  

Even though we can still sin,

it is no longer our identity

Even though we can still sin, it is no longer our identity. Sinning again does not make us a sinner all over, but is an invitation to bring our transgression before our loving Papa. Instead of running from Him because we think our identity is not good enough, we now know that merely our behavior was not okay. The struggle for shame is ultimately a struggle for identity. When you know who you are in Jesus, shame can no longer impress you.

Question #1:

What is Paul’s reaction to being told he is a murderer? What is his reaction to the snake bite?

[In the course you have the possibility to answer this question]

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